LED lighting is changing the way Video and Photo professionals light for production. If you’re not thinking of switching to LED lighting, why in the world aren't you?

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More and more businesses are making the switch to LED lighting. Contact us today to find out why.

LED lighting is arguably the biggest innovation in filmmaking that has taken place in the past 5 years. Why wouldn’t you want the advantages of LED lighting working for you?

LED lighting offers:

  • Cool running, low power consumption 
  • Dimmable, with accurate light output & colour fidelity
  • Rugged long life performance

As the country’s leading LED Lighting retailer, Vistek is in the perfect position to demonstrate LED’s benefits and guide you into the land of LED. 

Supporting brands from A-Z: Arri, Aydentec, BBS, Fiilex, Kinoflo, LEDGO, LitePanels, Lowel, Rotolight, Zylight and more!


LED Lighting represents one of the most exciting areas of the Pro Video industry today. 

Brian Young Pro Video Product Manager

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